Colcapirhua is a town bordering the west side of Cochabamba. The Mayor of Colcapirhua, Ing. Mario Severich, takes great pride to host two Casas de Educación in recently renovated schools with a large new kitchen and a large class room for study. The schools do not charge rent. On 2021 FEB 01 the first two Casas de Educación will open in Unidad Educativa Simón Bolívar and in Colegio Benedicto Durán. This will cover the poorest areas in the rural south of Colcapirhua and in the north towards El Paso.
The circle radius = 3 km, this corresponds to a walking distance of about 4.5 km, i.e. 1 hour.
A 1 hour walk to go to the market or to a school is normal for poor families.
When walking, mothers frequently carry their baby or toddler in a sling on their back.